Services we offer

B.U. for The Arts offers training multiple fortes of dance including but not limited to: Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Gymnastics/Tumbling, Zumba, Hip-Hop Technique Classes, Deep Stretching, Majorette, and Body Awareness Classes.

** Private Lessons are offered in all of the Service Category's listed above**


1:1 Private lessons or Semi Private Lessons

Private Lessons are one of the best ways to learn to dance! Unlike a group class, in a private lesson you get the undivided attention of your teacher for the entire hour. Many people only study privately, while others enhance their training with an occasional private lesson. A private lesson may be used to improve your technique, such as turns, or leading and following skills, or to work on particular step patterns. Private lessons may be purchased on a lesson-by-lesson basis or in packages by request. Semi Private lessons are for two to three students and the price is reduced for semi privates. If you would like to make an appointment for a Private or Semi lesson please call or text the studio @ (832) 819-4028. Same day appointments are sometimes available. All private lessons must be paid for in advance. If you should need to cancel or reschedule your lesson, please do so no later than 24 before your scheduled lesson or loss that class. Please refer to our Studio Policy for full details.

Youth Hip-hop

This class provides a fun-filled class environment designed to facilitate ongoing skill development and maximum fun, while immersing children in all aspects of motion. With every class, students learn a new set of easy-to-follow mini Hip Hop routines and combinations, and work on drilling them together.


Beginners Male Hip-Hop

Male Hip-Hop classes welcomes all male students (ages 5+) without any prior dance experience. We are aware that some guys may not feel comfortable in a class predominately made up of female students. Thus, males’ classes sometimes provide more comfortability as classes are tailored to boys only, which allows our male students more freedom to become comfortable and confident in the world of dance. The class provides a structured method of learning for various Hip-Hop dance movements with focus on offering a new set of dance combinations and mini routines in every class. Please note, male students are also welcomed into Unisex Hip-Hop classes and all general Hip-Hop classes because the Hip-Hop dance style in its own right is neither feminine or masculine, yet innovative, fun, and encouraging for all.  

dance classes

BALLET Classes (ages 4+)

Ballet is the most celebrated and recognized form of dance. More importantly, Ballet provides the foundation for many other styles of dance because It instills the necessary grace, flexibility and strength that every dancer should have, regardless of their experience level. In B.U.'s beginners classes we will introduce students to the fundamentals of ballet with deep stretching, technique, quality, and amazingly affordable ballet training. As a part of each class students will learn to master new ballet concepts and movements, which will be then drilled together in class.

1:1 Ballet classes are available for ONLY $60 per 1 hour class!



Jazz has become one of the most popular dance styles in recent years, mainly due to its popularity on television shows, movies, music videos and commercials. People enjoy watching jazz dancers, as the dancing is fun and energetic. With its African beginnings, New Orleans enhancements, Broadway enlargements, and physical health benefits who wouldn't want to jazz up their life! In our beginners Youth Jazz class students learn fundamental jazz steps and basic vocabulary through across the floor exercises and simple combinations.

Modern Dance

Modern is an amazing form of dance that releases the dancer and teacher from the structural constraints of formal Ballet and encompasses full body involvement and creative movement.  In short, Modern is the rebellious offspring of ballet that leaves in place some ballet technique. Modern dances are oftentimes performed with bare feet, emotionally driven facial expressions, and innovative moments. 



Majorette is a form of dance that incorporates hip-hop, ballet, jazz, and a mixture of lyrical dance all together. This dance style is derived from the Jackson State University J-Settes and more popularly seen performed on the hit TV show Bring It. It is high energy, high paced. It’s fun, energetic, and it’s entertaining. In this beginner majorette class your child will learn things such as basic eight-counts, routines, proper hand placements, basic acrobatic stunts, all with a hip-hop flare. It is what we like to call “Sette 101”.

1:1 Majorette classes are also available for ONLY $50 per 1 hour class! 



Students will learn the meaning of Praise Dance and what is required to worship the Lord in dance. Basic dance skills will be taught along with innovative praise dance routines.

Gymnastics/Arts Classes



If your child is an enthusiastic gymnast or seeking to learn new techniques they will absolutely adore our brand new and exciting gymnastics class. The primary objective of the gymnastics class is to provide your son or daughter with a strong foundation in beginning levels that he or she will be able to build upon. Gymnastics helps develop strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, self-confidence and discipline that in return provide a strong foundation for all sports.

1:1 Gymnastics classes are also available for ONLY $50 per 1 hour class!