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Photo-shoot in Katy Texas

The performance team will meet for a professional photo shoot by DJM Photo Studio In Katy Texas. The B.U. Photo shoot is this Saturday, May 6, 2017 @ 10:30 a.m. Sharp! Please arrive 10-15 minutes early if possible. Address: 77494 Spring Green (Lakeside Villas, 77494).  Also, we have elected not to have their makeup professionally applied and instead; pursue a nice natural look. As a result, the cost has been reduced to $25 per student. Please note: Because there is a fee associated with this event it is not mandatory for all students to participate as we attempt to keep the budgets of all parents in mind, as our mission is to Provide an Affordable Quality Avenue for Youth to Advance in the Arts.The shoot will include two locations (Very Close to each Other, Group Pictures, Two outfits, and solo shots). Please confirm your intention to participate by replying to this email. Payments are due by Friday.

Photographer: DJM Photography | Darrin


Big Angels Attire: Outfit 1: Blue Leotard w/ Pink Tights, Skirt, & Ballet Shoes.  Outfit 2: Black Leotard w/ B.U. Logo, Flesh Tone Tights, and Jazz Shoes. Hair should be in a up-do styling (Hair Bun Not Required). Parents should apply eye makeup and B.U. will supply Lip Stick. ;-) (Foundation or Blush is Not Required). Big Angels, please bring your American Flag tops to the studio for the little Angels to utilize for the photo shoot.

Mini Angels Attire: Outfit 1: Leotard, Pink Tights, & Ballet Shoes. Outfit 2: Black Jazz Tights, Jazz Shoes, Leotard, and American Flag Tops.