Why we need your Help?


Nearly four years ago B.U. for the Arts secured a dazzling location for our dance studio at the intersection of HWY 59 and Hillcroft St. in (Southwest) Houston, Texas. We are super proud of this accomplishment, but we have recognized that we have nearly outgrown our current facility. As we continue to grow due to our successful execution of our quality, growth, and execution strategy we are seeking your financial support. Currently, our current lease has approached its maturity date and hence we are seeking to expand into a larger facility to meet the needs of our growing organization and the expansion of the services we offer. Your donations will extend and expand our abilities to do so; cost effectively. B.U. for the Arts is attempting to remain a debt-free organization so that we may continue to expound on our mission to keep costs low and affordable for our customers.

OUR New Facility fundraising GOAL: $5,000

(As Donations are received we will update our supporters on our progress weekly on this page).

In summary, as a grassroots organization, our continued success is intertwined with our ability to connect with all supporters of-the-Arts. Likewise, children are our future and programs that supports the advancement of our youth’s talent(s) is vitally important to their growth; both mentally and physically. Our efforts; attached of your support will make B.U., and our students the best that they can be!

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Your donations will allow us to thrive and continue to expound upon our mission and vision while keeping costs low and affordable for those we serve.


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