This page provides a vivid illustration of the hard work we do at B.U. for the Arts; on behalf of our desires to grow as an organization, our love for dance, passion and appreciation for those we serve, and the quality instilled into every moment and performance. Oftentimes, wonderful memories are captured on our journey to become the best versions of ourselves. As a result, we believe that we are our only competition and thus B.U.'s only objective is to continue to raise-the-bar and contentiously challenge ourselves to be greater than we were yesterday. On this page you will locate these memories. Enjoy! 

Summer 17" Photo shoot Photos: Photo Credit: DJM Photo Studio

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Dances In Action

The B.U., Angels perform to Butterfly by Mariah Carey @ Unity Church. Choreographed by: Carmen Jones in loving Memory of Daphenie L. Grissom. Please watch, share, and enjoy! Warmest Regards,