B. U. for the Arts is an innovation youth dance-training and performance enhancement organization. We were established on our beliefs that the art form of dance can escalate happiness; while increasing your health and mental well-being! Built from the ground up, B.U., has polished and created a highly experienced network of dancers from different fortes of the art. Members are skilled on multiple area of dance, with a hip-hip and jazz focus. Upon completion of training, students will occupy the capabilities necessary to teach other young adults and present the skills they have mastered.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide an affordable-quality avenue for youth and young adults to enhance their dance/technical abilities and increase flexibility, while promoting healthy-living balances through the adaptation of an innovative style of dance that encompasses multiple dance specialties including Hip-Hop, Ballet, Majorette, and Gymnastics.

OUR vision

To equip youth and young adults with the indispensable skills required that would enhance student’s psychical, dance, and, discipline, and memory capabilities through the completion of a state-of-the-art curriculum dance program.

BU for the Arts will utilize our Facebook page to update our potential, current, & future clientele about upcoming youth dance courses & events in Houston.

OUR history

B.U started as an innovative dance team that thrives from doing things differently in every aspect! Hence, foreword thinking instilled the capabilities to win multiple dance competitions & formulate an unbreakable pledge. Aside from dance, students will master musicality, flexibility,  & discipline.

To equip youth and young adults with the indispensable skills required to advance their psychical, dance, and memory capabilities through the completion of an innovative dance program with the eventual goal of formulating a competitive dance team.

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